Call in Details
Call in Number – (641) 715-3680     Access Pin – 943334
*Ingleside uses freeconferencecall.com for remote services.  Long distance charges may apply.

We understand that not everyone can make it every Sunday.  Life throws many curveballs at us, sick children, we get sick, an immobilizing injury.  We also know that some are physically unable to make it to a church whether it’s old age or a disability.  We don’t want that to stop people from feeling like they can’t participate in a local church service.  We offer everyone the opportunity to listen in from home when you can’t make it.  Maybe you have a parent or relative that can’t make it to a church.

Please know that we don’t intend this to be a substitute for able-bodied people to get out of going to regular church services but want to make sure that on days when you can’t make it for whatever reason you have the opportunity to listen live.